Top Travel Destinations for 2015

I sat down with my friend Rob in Ottawa to discuss the top travel destinations for 2015 including our favorite places to travel and some of what we feel are the most underrated places on earth worth exploring.

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A big thanks to Rob for hosting this episode. Some of the places we highly recommend visiting include Korea, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Azores, Bulgaria, Romania (Bucharest) and Albania.

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So it is December 2014 right now. 2015 is right around the corner. There is a holidays pit stop in the middle for those of us who are interested but after that straight into 2015. My idea is what are the best places to travel in 2015.

Cool and so where would you say is one of the best spots to go in 2015? And why?

You know, I’m going with Korea. Korea?!

Not just because I’ve been there. It has a really underrated culture, it has amazing street food and there is a lot more to do in the country than just go to Seoul. There is awesome beaches, there is places where you can mountain hiking, there is all kinds of things you can do and one of the best things that people don’t know is that it is actually quite affordable. Really cheap transportation. You can get almost anywhere in the country in less than five hours on train. And that is like going from say Seoul to Busan. Those are mega cities. Then on top of that you’ve got all of the bus options. It’s fantastic. And the street food, if you like spicy food, you won’t find a country that offers it up better than Korea.

Central America has been getting more and more busy every year and more popular. And in particular I think you should be going to Nicaragua. I’ve been going there for the last three years. Every year it gets better.

Winning spot for me. You know what, we only got a little bit of a taste of Bulgaria last year. We were hanging out in Istanbul, Turkey and man oh man do they ever have an awesome food scene. And you know what is also cool about there when you go to Sofia is that you can’t find a place that is more well connected. Yep. You can get online and you get fast connections. So for people who do what we do it is a goldmine.

Supposedly, Bucharest or Bucharesti, or however you pronounce it, has some of the fastest internet in the world and Bulgaria has fast internet as well. For me summer locations I’ve got a few.

Number one, if you want something that is completely out of box, where probably no one else you’ve ever met has been. It is basically still untouched. Absolutely, to do die for vegetation and views, great food, affordable prices but an expensive plane ticket go to the Azores. Nine volcanic islands. They belong to continental Portugal but they are about 1300 kilometers from the east coast of Canada. Highly recommend them and other than that I’m going to go with Albania. I just came from Albania like two months ago and I was there near the end of the year, it wasn’t even high season, and I went swimming at the end of October and it was brilliant. Incredibly affordable with very nice people and just listen to me on this one key point. Croatia and Montenegro are blowing up. The Greek Islands have always been one of the most popular summer destinations for people in Europe. Where is Albania? It is right in between them, so it is in the same mix and it is very undiscovered. Incredibly affordable and I guarantee you’ll have a good time. I would like to return as well. Super value, huh? Super value! And it is beautiful though, so the value plays secondary to the fact you’re going to a very beautiful place.

When at the end of your vacation you look at your wallet or your bank account and you’re like ‘wow’ that didn’t cost much, that is a win. Because you can go to other places that are like popular summer destinations and just bleed money the whole time you are there. You’ll still have a good time but once the word gets out the price goes up. That’s how it works. That is just the way it works. So, do you have anything to add? No man, I think we covered it pretty good.