Top 8 Travel Destinations for Single Women In Their 20's

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Are you a single woman looking to travel the world? Then you need to listen to this episode, Candice, from the blog “Candice Does the World” talks about what she thinks are the best locations for single women to visit.


1. Reykjavík, Iceland
a. The people are very welcome
b. They have an iPhone app to make sure you are not related to people you are dating there. And as an outsider you will be highly desired
c. There is a great bar scene, and it’s a small town

2. Calgary, Canada
a. It’s a modern city full of young professionals
b. It’s very easy to meet people there.
c. The dating scene is interesting, because it’s such a money driven city

3. Athens, Greece
a. Greek man are very forward
b. There is a lot of young people in Athens
c. The food in Athens was so good
d. Good wine and olives
e. It is great for tourist activities

4. Montreal
a. Its one of her favorite cities
b. It’s a free loving open and fun
c. It is really cheap for a North American country
d. The dating scene is amazing
e. There is a French side and an English side

5. Buenos Aires
a. Everyone in Buenos Aires is beautiful
b. Everyone speaks Spanish there so be careful
c. Men there are very forward
d. The man there are also very charming
e. The steak is amazing there to

6. Negril, Jamaica
a. One of the few places in the world that being a pasty white ginger is attractive
b. The men are beautiful there
c. There is an amazing beach there, so what’s not to love
d. There is also a lot of pot, which is no surprise
e. Avoid Kingston, but the rest is relatively safe

7. Honolulu
a. They love voluptuous white women
b. Everyone looks really beautiful and everyone is in great shape

8. Berlin
a. She hasn’t been yet but has heard amazing things
b. Very artsy and liberal
c. The German people are really cool
d. Its cheap, and there is a big entrpeanur scene