Top 15 Tourist Destinations In Malaysia you need to know

The Top 15 Tourist Destinations In Malaysia you need to know

1. Langkawi Island

Known to be the land of azure waters.

A destination is known for its vast expanse of sandy beaches
and azure blue water which enthralls the tourists.

2. Perhentian Island

Witness The Colorful Corals

Located almost 19 km away from North-eastern Malaysia.
It is a part of a marine park where activities like
fishing is strictly prohibited.

3. Penang

The Finest Of All

Famous as an exotic destination,
the place offers its visitors so much to explore.

4. Kinabatangan

Home To Exotic Wild

Its wildlife sanctuary attracts a large number of wildlife lovers.
Among the most romantic places to visit in Malaysia.

5. Mount Kinabalu

Hiker’s Paradise

The tallest mountain of Borneo.
It is a striking sight to behold.

6. Sipadan Island

The Top Diving Site

The petite island near Semporna in Sabah
is among the world’s top diving sites,
and surely one of the best Malaysian tourist attractions.

7. Redang Island

Home To A Marine Park

A cluster of 9 islands that form this unique locale
for a day tour from the mainland.

8. Pulau Tioman

Path Less Taken

Pulau Tioman is one of the smallest islands.
It has been tagged as one of the most beautiful places to see in Malaysia
that is nothing less than paradise on earth.

9. Melaka

The City Of Ancient Architecture

Located 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur,
One of the most famous trading ports of Southeast Asia.
Its ancient architecture speaks volumes about its erstwhile grandeur.

10. Perak

A Plate Full Of Adventure

Located just one and a half hour away from Kuala Lumpur,
adventure tourists can experience the thrill of water rafting in Perak.

11. Cameron Highlands

Nature At Its Best

If you want to be at the hills in Malaysia then Cameron Highlands is the place for you.
One of the oldest tourist spots in Malaysia,
this hill station was established in the 1930s
and is now inhabited by a group of people who are very diverse and have their impact on the culture too.

12. Alor Setar

The Rice Bowl Of Malaysia

Alor Setar is among the most important places to see in Malaysia owing to the fact that it’s the ‘rice bowl of Malaysia’.
This capital of Kedah State is full of paddy fields as well as delightful rolling hills that are a treat to the eyes!

13. Semporna

Crystal Clear Waters

The city of Semporna is famed for the Semporna Archipelago,
which is one of the most beautiful Malaysian tourist attractions luring in travelers from around the world.

14. Putrajaya

The planned city of Putrajaya happens to be among the most scenic tourist destinations in Malaysia
and has the government´s administrative body.
Possessing impressive architecture, monuments, green spaces, lavish parks,
and other tourist attractions, this developed city reflects Malaysia’s ambition and vision for the future.

15. Taman Negara

Oldest Rainforest

The oldest rainforest in the world,
Taman Negara is a quite and peaceful rainforest in bustling Malaysia.
One of the most popular ecotourism destinations in Malaysia
this place offers a respite from the monotony of everyday life
and many activities for relaxation and rejuvenation and definitely some adventure.