Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the country of beautiful nature because she is full of natural beauties. In Bangladesh there are many attractions for the tourists around Dhaka city, Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Sylhet, Sundarban etc. Now I writing about good and nice tourism in Bangladesh, for inform to you about very popular top ten tourist spot in this natural country. Every year millions of visitor visiting this 10 place in Bangladesh. Although Bangladesh have many more attractive destination for travelling and travel photography. I were many times visiting those 10 place with my clients, most of them came from outside of Bangladesh. However they was happy for visiting Bangladesh, so I decided to update top 10 must visit place in Bangladesh. But I want showing you more attractions on here for International travelers, all about travel in Bangladesh.

01 Cox`s bazar: cox`s bazar is the world longest sandy sea beach with line of mountain. This beach now hot in the tourism world. Most of the tourist wish to visit cox`s bazar. Cox`s bazar have the hundreds of world class international five star residential hotels. You can search on Google or see the Wikipedia for more information about unbroken and 155 km longest awesome sea Beach of Bay Of Bengal Sea in Bangladesh. See more about beautiful Cox’s Bazar sea beach and others nearest tourist destination.

02 Saint martin: st. martin island is a another’s coral island in the world. You can drink the fresh coconut juice from st`martin island. Saint martin island famous for coconut tree`s. you can booking tour ticket and hotels from Dhaka.

03 Rangamati: rangamati is the hill track district in Bangladesh. Many of the people are Buddhist here. This district famous for the sky touching mountain, Water Lake and hanging pool.

04 Khagrachari: another`s hills district in Bangladesh. Famous for water fall, many of the tourist spot, tea garden, orange garden, hills way road and Hills River.

05 Bandarban: Bandarban is the biggest mountain district in the Chittagong division. Many of the mountain river are located here. You can enjoy deep jungle place in hills.

06 Chittagong: Chittagong is a divisional district in Bangladesh. Famous for the fay’s lake and Chittagong sea port. This sea port is the main sea port in Bangladesh. potenga sea beach located in Chittagong hill district.

07 Sundarban: sundarban is the world biggest and natural mangrove forest. Located in bank of bay of sea in southern Bangladesh. This forest famous for the royal Bengal tiger. Nice and awesome forest in the world. The world listed this to after the amazon jungle.

08 Dhaka: another biggest city and incident city in the world. Dhaka is a nice city. Many of the foreign visitor like to visit the Dhaka city. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. and biggest city in south Asia.

09 Panam city: panam city is the old capital of Bangladesh. but this city is now empty city. o people are live in here. You can visit this city. this cities have a nice museum.

10 Sylhet: sylhet is a divisional district in Bangladesh. sylhet have the some tourist spot as like Jaflong.
you can`t directly visit Rangamati, khagrachari and Bandarban. If you want to visit this three Districts, then you need a permit from Chittagong DC office. This permission is free and you can get this within half hours.