Female Solo Travel Trips // What you need to know

Is it safe to travel alone? I wanted to share some of my tips for females to stay safe and protected while traveling alone! I moved to the Dominican Republic from New York as a single female, and quickly learned some helpful tips to make sure that I was/am as safe as possible. Traveling is such an amazing and freeing experience for those privileged enough to do so, but it’s super important to make sure you are being smart and as safe as possible, both men and women.These tips can be applied to any country you visit or move to, and I hope there is some helpful advice in here for you! This is pretty much all of the things I do in the year I have been living abroad as an expat. Don’t get weary of traveling alone, it is an amazing experience, and these things can happen near and far from home. It’s just better to think about the what ifs beforehand!

The tripod I use:
Sony Alpha A6000 camera:

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If this is the first video of mine you’re watching: Hi! My name is Mills and I moved from New York to the Dominican Republic in July 2017:) I just started this channel to document my experiences living abroad and as a female expat overseas, and would love for you to subscribe to follow my journey!
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