10 Exotic Locations in the World | Travel Journal | Bucket List | EP 01 Travel Journal | Things2do

In the hope that the world will be free of this pandemic, and we could travel to the length and breadth of the globe, we urge you to put all these exotic locations into your travel bullet list. Until then enjoy the video, like it and subscribe to our channel for more amazing content.

With stunning landscapes, tropical paradises, mist-shrouded volcanoes, and unbelievable beaches, these destinations are perfect for a time-out from the world.
Raising a toast to the explorer within you, here are a few exotic getaways for you to consider for your next vacation –
Norway – Svalbard
Iceland – Vestrahorn
Vietnam – Halong Bay (or Ha Long Bay)
Greenland – Ilulissat Ice-fjord
Costa Rica – Arenal Volcano
Peru -Machu Picchu
Seychelles – Praslin
Chile – San Rafael Glacier
Namibia – Sossusvlei Sand dunes
Tahiti – Bora Bora